Family Portraits in Richmond, Va by Stay This Moment

Family Portraits in Richmond, Va by Stay This Moment

Stay This Moment is a portrait studio located in Richmond, Va.  

Watching my boys grow and develop is like watching life on fast-forward. Teeth come in, fall out, grow back, expressive little faces take on a cast of this uncle one day, grandma the next. Suddenly one day they don’t need to stand on a stool to brush their teeth and they can ride a bike without training wheels. How much longer will they be able to wear that favorite shirt that’s already a little too small? I want to capture these moments in time for my family and other families. These are the good old days, the remember-whens. I want to preserve them, to stay this moment. 

Here is how it works

Getting started: Your session will be 30 minutes long. Before entering the studio, be sure to have the kids use the bathroom. Once that’s done, we’ll dive right in. Some kids (and adults!) lose interest quickly, so it’s best to ride the novelty wave while we can. 

The “process”: The goal is for the session to feel easy and fun. I often find that starting with the more formal poses, and then moving to improv as the session goes on, gives everyone a chance to get comfortable and follow their instincts. I aim to make pictures of the whole family and all parts of the family. It’s a moving target, depending on how things go. I will not always be directing, and I encourage improvisation, so having everyone feel free to do their thing is ideal. I believe in letting the kids do what they do. Don’t push too hard and try not to have too many expectations. 

Remember, this is about capturing some great shots of your wonderful family, not about having everyone be perfect for the entire shoot. Relax and enjoy yourself.